Simply Red

Focus on streamline
It is just like a giant red dragon wiggle extending from the image wall all the way to office partition and stretching on the space 
It has become the guide of movement and eyesight in a smooth line 
Implication of amazing service

Focus on pure color
With background in pure white, the simple red reinforces the theme of space,  Pure black draws the frame of space while we work among the powerful colors.
It inspires our energy as well as stimulates our vitality and outstanding performance is explored in such simple environment

Focus on unique light & Shadow
A unique droplight extends along with movement originated from the English name of the company,In cooperation to the iron piece aiming at the goal, resembling the image of target unifying will of all employees with shadow of light in special design, the customer would immediately feel the service spirit and concept as stepping into the hall,Hit the target, Complete the mission ,Commit the trust,  Assume the expectation 

Focus on vivid green
Turning your head, from desktop PC screen to the center of office, we provide green plant wall allowing people in any corner of the office feel comfortable and enjoy a moment of nature,  Green make the space have “breath in forest” and have people working here not forget to have “deep breath 
There is special brainstorming room available for employees,
Total green ground easily keep colleagues in clear, mind and arouse innovative inspiration to each other, through relaxing natural environment without any.